1. Expansion of Vehicle Washing Space

Through expansion of vehicle washing space, JEEPs, VANs, RVs and all vehicles under and including 15 seat vehicles can be washed.

2. Side and Top brush System (Patented)
A new type of washing device that provides optimum vehicle washing ability with the least amount of surface damage, by washing in line with the vehicle body.

3. Exclusive Tire Washer
Excellent tire-cleaning capability and durability. Minimum vehicle damage, as it exclusively selects the tire for washing.

4. Powerful Drying System (Drying system of highest quality)
Through maximum drying effectiveness, moisture is completely removed even in high-speed washing. One-way drying only, but maximum effectiveness..

5. Control Panel and Self Test Functionality (8 inch Touch Screen)
Self-Test function allows even the novice operator to analyze the cause of any problems and know the appropriate resolution.

6. Independent Speed Alteration System
Washing and drying speed is adjusted according to vehicle washer's operating status for optimum performance.

7. Winter Freeze-Burst Prevention System
Internally installed temperature sensor drains water automatically to prevent pipe bursts due to cold winter weather. No derailment of the washer (no need for heating device) and the low disposition of the rail allows for convenient vehicle entry and exit, making it a suitable washer for a smaller spaces.

8. . Valve Panel and the Electrical Control Panel
The entire electronic control valve, electrical control device and detergent supply device are situated in one location, making management and inspection convenient.

9. Korean Parts
All parts are Korean made, therefore maintenance and management are inexpensive and convenient.

10. High-Speed Vehicle Washing through Chemical Spray Device (Patented)
All necessary chemicals are sprayed in a single, one-way application, and an improved washing capability and drying process makes high-speed vehicle washing possible. Washing time has been decreased dramatically (1/2 - 1/3) compared to other vehicle washers, allowing high amounts of washing in a narrow space.

11. Vehicle Washing of Lower Part Exclusive for Door-Type Vehicle Washer (patented)
Vehicle "lower part" washer washes the lower parts of the vehicle perfectly.
12. Various Safety Devices and Signal Lights
In order increase the safety of the vehicle washer, sensors have been placed in various spots to help to prevent accidents, and bright LED lamps display the machine status to the driver or to the operator.