1. Side, top brush system (patented)

A new type of washing device providing the optimum vehicle washing ability with the least amount of surface damage, in line with the vehicle body. This system features Automatic inclination control of the top brush, which can be set to different configurations depending on the type of vehicle being washed.

2. . Powerful drying system (Drying system of highest quality)
Through highly effective drying, water moisture is completely removed, even during high-speed vehicle washing.

3. Control Panel and Self Test Functionality (8 inch Touch Screen)
The Self-Test function allows even a novice operator to analyze the cause of any problems and find the appropriate solution.
Problems are represented, both textually and graphically, on the display.

4. Valve Panel and the Electrical Control Panel
The entire electronic control valve, electrical control device and detergent supply device are situated in one location, making management and inspection convenient.

5. Korean Parts
All parts are Korean made, therefore maintenance and management is inexpensive and convenient.

6. . Various Safety Devices and Signal Lights
In order to increase the safety of the vehicle washer, sensors are placed in various spots to help to prevent accidents.

7. Four devices for chemicals are provided (foam, shampoo, wax, dry).
A high-performance detergent pump, installed internally, supplies the detergent chemicals in precise quantities, preventing any detergent wastage.

8. Conveyor Device
Excellent durability, minimum faults, and no vehicle derailment.

9. High-Speed Washing
The washing speed can be changed with ease depending on the vehicle operating status, making a wash rate of 70 vehicles per hour possible.

10. Durability and Ease of Operation
We listened to feedback from our customers on previous models, and factored their opinions into the design of this product. Operation and management of the machine is very easy. Our expertise and our years of experience have enabled us to minimize fault rates to a very low level. The product provides automatic recognition of the vehicle type being washed, without any manual input.